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About Us

Unlike headhunting or recruiting firms, we do not approach you with a specific agenda in mind – rather, we locate talent and present a range of unique opportunities for each YOU to assess.  Each of the opportunities emphasize integrity, independence, and a path to financial freedom.

We have a variety of positions available:

  • Trainee/Advocate
  • Agent/Advisor
  • Team Leader/Mentor
  • Manager/Regional Director (Licensee)
  • Vice President

As more people step (or are perhaps pushed) off the corporate ladder, many are landing in what WE call the “free agent” role. That is exactly the audience that our Leadership roles appeal to.

Ideal candidates for a Leadership Role is one who is trying to break away from the “Definition of Insanity” and that means trying to get away from doing the same thing over and over.

These companies have the products and services….What they lack is the entrepreneurial talent like what we have on the call today.

In each and every opportunity, the sales and leadership structure that we provide is the SAME. Why? Because is works.

What WE Do

We match talent to the opportunity and then provide the leadership and support so that the sales program will succeed.

Join us on an informative, pre-educational webinar to learn about the positions and industries that are available for entrepreneurs like you.